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Introducing "Slice of the Week" at the Hororata Cafe

Calling all slice enthusiasts!

We are excited to unveil our brand-new "Slice of the Week" special at Hororata Village Bar and Café! Starting this Monday, you can treat yourself to a delicious, exclusive slice that we don't normally have on our menu. This unique creation will be available for just $4.50 a slice, and here's the best part – every Monday features a different slice!

Why You'll love it:

Exclusivity - Every Monday brings a new slice that you won't find any other day of the week

Variety - From decadent chocolate and rich caramel to refreshing fruit and creamy cheesecakes, you’ll get to experience a wide range of flavours.

The Catch:

When it sells out, it’s gone! Be sure to come in early to get your slice of the action.

Mark Your Calendar:

  • Day: Every Monday

  • Price: $4.50 per slice

  • Availability: Limited - only available while supplies last!

Don’t miss out on this weekly treat. Swing by Hororata Village Bar and Café this Monday and discover what our "Slice of the Week" has to offer.

This week: Lemon Meringue slice!

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