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Join us for Chicken Night this Friday!

Introducing: Chicken Night!

This special evening was crafted with the help of our wonderful local customers, and we can't wait to share these delicious chicken dishes with you.

What's on the menu?

We have chicken done three ways this week:

  • Chicken Parmigiana: Enjoy a classic favourite, featuring tender chicken breasts topped with rich marinara sauce and melted cheese, served with a side of crispy fries and fresh salad.

  • Sticky Chicken Wings: Indulge in our flavourful sticky chicken wings, perfectly glazed and cooked to perfection.

  • Chicken Pho: Warm up with our chicken pho, a Vietnamese-inspired soup packed with tender chicken, rice noodles, fresh herbs, and a flavourful broth.

Join us!

We invite you to come by this Friday to enjoy these delicious chicken dishes, share in the community spirit, and maybe even suggest your ideas for next week's dinner. We love seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends.

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